SEO Audit Pricing

The pricing of one of my professional SEO audits varies depending on a number of factors, but generally start at around $2,500. I’m also available for hourly consulting should that price be out of your budget. Contact me for hourly rates.

Keep in mind, not all websites are the same, and each site has a different set of opportunities or problems. An SEO audit may take around ten to fifteen hours or it may take upwards of 60 or many more.

Here’s what’s considered when evaluating pricing:

  • The competitiveness of the marketplace
  • Which vertical you operate in
  • Size of the website (tens, hundreds, thousands, millions of pages)

An SEO audit is not a one size fits all scenario. Every website has its own unique set of issues and challenges to overcome. It’s important to realize that even though some companies provide low cost SEO audits, the information provided may only be after a cursory review, or from someone within the company who is relatively inexperienced providing the recommendations. I have almost 15 years of SEO experience working with companies across the country on both informational and e-commerce websites.

Your website and business are an investment, don’t let that go to waste.