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Lee Smith-Bryan

Hi there!

I’m glad you’re here. You may or may not be aware but Asurion just laid off hundreds of employees, including myself. As the lead SEO I was responsible for the optimization of the go-to-market websites across the organization. Through SEO efforts I was able to increase our core KPIs to double-digit growth YOY which was above the organization’s single-digit growth projection.

More about Me..

I’ve been in the digital marketing industry for around 15 years, with a focus on Search Engine Optimization. I do have experience on the Social and Paid side of digital marketing, but SEO is where I’ve chosen to specialize.

I’ve worked with some awesome organizations, both local to the Nashville area and nationwide. I have experience working on the websites and brands of Fortune 100 Companies, managing teams at digital marketing agencies, helping e-commerce sites gain more traffic, customers, and revenue, assisting new web companies in website and optimization roadmaps, and many more. Here’s a more detailed look of how the past ten years or so have shaped up for me professionally:

March 2017 – Present : Asurion

Senior SEO, Asurion

Leading SEO across the global organization, I’m responsible for driving qualitative traffic to company-owned web properties. I partner with designers, UX specialists, developers, and product managers to achieve and surpass company goals and objectives, and provide upwards reporting to executive level board members.

My approach is holistic, ensuring optimal performance for the short and long term, while making sure the customer has a seamless and consistent experience.

January 2016 – October 2016 : Nisolo

Director of Data & Analytics, Nisolo

Leading digital analytics, I provided to the executive team and other internal stakeholders, proactive, actionable insights for all online sales and marketing, as well as reporting and analysis activity to support website optimization efforts, marketing plan development, and online measurement and performance.

February 2015 – January 2016 : Nisolo

Director of Inbound Marketing & Customer Acquisition, Nisolo

My role included: responsibility / ownership of customer acquisition strategy including various paid and unpaid Online Marketing channels such as SEO, Content, Paid Spend (including all paid media and traditional channels such as AdWords, Retargeting, PLAs,) Affiliate Program, and Email Marketing, amongst others. Role also included development and maintenance of KPI reports to provide transparency and clarity across Online Marketing channels, as well as management of relationships with external vendors and ownership of the Online Marketing budget.

September 2013 – February 2015 : Advance Financial

Digital Marketing Manager, Advance Financial (2013 – 2015)

Reported directly to the President of the company, my role included spearheading the company’s growth online, and helping drive revenue to retail locations through online channels. Responsibilities included: data analysis and reporting to assist departments within the organization to make informed decisions, web strategy (including SEO, Social Media, Content, PPC), A/B testing, management of third-party vendors, and education / training to other company team members.

September 2011 – September 2013 : Cj advertising

Head of Search, Cj Advertising (2011 – 2013)

Reported directly to Director of Interactive, role included responsibility for overseeing all client SEO and SEM campaigns, managing a team of five.

SEO Analyst, (2011 – promoted to Head of Search)

Provided statistical and analytical insights to further improve client websites.

2007-2010: Sitening, LLC / Raven Internet Marketing Tools

SEO Manager

Head of Search and Social: Sole responsibility for strategic planning, responsible for overseeing all client SEO and Social Media campaigns, directly managed a team of eight employees (four externally). Role included weekly training of employees, content management for clients, defining company’s SEO policies, and compilation and presentation of campaign reports to clients.

Responsible for creating user documentation and resources, including authorship of training manual for Raven Internet Marketing Tools, updating company blog (awarded Best Internet Marketing Post), speaking engagements, client consultation, e.g., training clients to use the toolset.

SEO Specialist, (2007-2008 promoted to SEO Manager)

Tasks included HTML coding, content copywriting, keyword research, link building, creating landing pages, Reputation Management, on-site SEO. Used ethical/white-hat SEO techniques to establish consistent high rankings for clients.

More Details

I currently live in East Nashville with my wife. We’ve recently traveled through both Europe and Asia. I spent 10 years coaching soccer and am qualified with the USSF and the United Soccer Coaches of America (formerly the NSCAA).

Interested? Get In Touch

Here’s my LinkedIn profile should you wish to find out more about me.

If you’re hiring for a role that matches my experience and skill set, feel free to send me an email at lsbweb@gmail.com and let’s chat on the phone or grab a coffee. You can also fill out the form below to get in touch.

I have connections with the other hard-working folks at Asurion that were impacted by layoffs, so even if you don’t have a role for me, I’d love to help you make a connection. My network involves writers, designers, UX, and project managers.