Get Creative with Your Content Strategy through Backlink Analysis

A post on the Moz blog a few weeks ago, Link Building Survey 2013 – The Results, divulged some interesting information on the topic of link building. I say ‘interesting’ because the survey results reveal some startling insights regarding our industry, or the subset of link builders within it (that took the survey). The survey was created by SkyRocket, and featured participants between 12th June – 19th June, with a total of 383 participants.

The first doubt I have with the survey is the participant percentage. According the the blog post, 42% of participants were actual link builders, 27% were team managers, and 31% were executives or agency owners. How can executives or agency owners give an accurate response regarding link building? Unless, these executives or agency owners run a small shop, then I could understand, but the connotation of executives or agency owners can perhaps give the mistaken representation of a large agency vs. a one or two man operation.

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Getting What You Pay for and the Value of SEO

Jordan Kasteler recently wrote one of the best internet marketing posts I’ve seen in a long time. Instead of the usual repetitive fluff containing bullet points, Jordan evaluates outsourcing your link building, content creation, technical SEO, and cheap web design. If you’re involved in marketing, or you manage a third party vendor at your company, it makes for some interesting reading.

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