Why an SEO Audit?

A professional SEO audit can uncover many issues with your website that could be preventing it from further improvement. With an audit you’ll gain a perspective on why your website may be failing from an indexation and search engine stance. The audit will go through some of the reasons why your site may be struggling, some of the issues contained within your website, and some of the opportunities which exist within your market.

Those opportunities and issues generally occur around three major areas:

  • What’s happening on the site
  • What’s happening off the site
  • Technical breakdowns

After the SEO Audit

Once the audit has been completed, we’ll create a plan of action based on the findings of the audit which will be your guideline for moving forward. It is up to you at this point whether you work on the plan of action in-house, or choose to work with me and your in-house team for implementation.

Implementation of the plan of action may require that you devote more resources than you may have available. At this point, if you choose to employ my services to help work through the plan of action, then I’ll provide priority issues that need to be addressed within your budget.

Industry Experience

I’ve spent around fifteen years in the SEO industry and have worked on hundreds of websites. The SEO industry is not alone in the fact that there are those providing sub-par services for a premium price. That’s why my prices are what they are. Find out which companies I’ve worked for.

When you hire me to do a professional audit for your website, you’re paying for my experience and knowledge to help your website increase its performance and exposure in search engines.